Angels Secret

Your Intimate Hygiene & Feminine Care

A woman’s period is a time when the body can be less resistant to disease. If not well protected during the menstrual period, women might become susceptible to a number of gynecological diseases that may have impact in their quality of life, affecting their health career and family. It can also be a time of great discomfort and sometimes embarrassment.

What a woman really needs is an anti-bacterial, superabsorbent and highly breathable hygienic sanitary napkin. Therefore, JM keep studying different materials and new technology, finally innovated an ideal sanitary napkin combined all needs mentioned before.

Why Choose Angels Secret?

Angels Secret is the ideal hygienic sanitary napkin what women exactly need, it combines anti-bacterial and super absorbent properties with a highly breathable sanitary napkin to promote clean, comfortable and reliable security.

1. Anti-bacterial: Negative Ion Technology

  - Promotes clean and natural health through the patented Negative Ion Core™

2. Super Absorbent

  - Strong moisture retention center with an instant-dry surface layer, which provides a comfortable and clean experience in as little as 8 seconds

3. Highly Breathable

  - Designed with seven breathable layers to promote dry and odor-free experience


4. Keep clean and dry: Anti-leakage Design

  - Dual-dry core for optimal penetration into a high absorption layer

  - Reinforced with double-lined leakage barriers to lock in moisture and protect from side leakage.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical concern and cannot be substitute for professional medical advice provided by your physician, therapist, or any other healthcare professional.

JM Angels Secret Commercial Video from JM on Vimeo.