JM Sleep System Solution

To Make Health as Easy as Sleep

Bring Bama Home

How to achieve ideal health status?

Exercise, massage, diet, physical therapy and so on...

However, the biggest drawbacks are: lack of determination, time, troublesome, and practicality.

The sleeping system designed by JM consists of “far infrared”, “anions”, “bio-magnetism” and various energized elements. The whole system forms 360-degree coverage on the human energy which ultimately improves body microcirculation comprehensively.

It utilizes the technology of simulation in order to create a modern natural environment similar to Bama, to stimulate life energy, which allows you to enjoy longevity and health amidst the hustle and bustle of modern living.

JMS3 Mattress: A fusion between today’s modern world technological materials, scientific manufacturing and health theory together with the natural environment, far infrared, magnetic field as well as anions. This ultimate creation is produced using three types of functional materials namely, magnetic generator, tourmaline fire layers and DuPont Tyvek nonwoven technology.

JMS3 Travel Set: Light, portable and made through the physical transformation, it makes far infrared ray, magnetic and anion as a whole, which gathers the advanced materials science, manufacturing science and health theory.

JMS3 Pillow: A high density foam wave base with papillary design features massage, magnetic generator, natural coconut palm and polyester cotton mix structure. It is environment-friendly, absorbent, breathable and can provides healthy massage.

JMS3 Quilt: The use of infrared polyester cotton as the inner core, coupled with Bio-magnetic gives rise to advanced technological products which consists of “far-infra red + magnetic”. This marvellous feat is made possible via the combination of breakthroughs with the advancement in health care sectors.

3 Main Components of JMS3

1. Cross-linked polyethylene foam (EPE)

  - High quality materials imported from Japan which will be automatically compressed according to the contours of skeletal system

  - A cylindrical structure with high elasticity is far better than the elasticity of common spring, providing a good cushioning effect to the body

  - Providing a good support for the skeletal system in accordance with the normal body curvature, releasing tension build ups on spine

  - The cylindrical structure provides a shiatsu-like massage effect

2. Tourmaline
  - One of the crystals in nature that has thermoelectric and piezoelectric effect
  - Generating anions continuously and emitting far infrared in the range between 4 -14 micron wave-length to promote better blood circulation and metabolism at the cellular level

3. Magnetic generator

  - Permanent magnetic field setting
  - Scientific arrangement of magnetic pole and magnetic sheets, resulting in stronger and stable dimensional magnetic field through the body, producing bio-electricity to activate the body cell and improve microcirculation

JM Sleep System Solution Commercial Video from JM Official Vimeo Video Channel on Vimeo.