Given that JM products can enhance health and be integrated into daily life, we can easily live a 3H Lifestyle and enjoy a healthy life. On October 21st, “AlphaMeta Cooking Competition” was held by the FDI Taiwan team leader at the team service center to teach our family members how to drink AlphaMeta in three meals a day. The participants were very enthusiastic that a total of 9 family members joined the contest and they have heated up the atmosphere.

Mr. Liu上台講解2.jpgBefore the contest started, the FDI Taiwan team leader brought out the slogan of the event "333 Beautifully Healthy in a Simple Way" and explained its basic concept. It means that when you drink a cup of AlphaMeta three meals a day, use three bottles per month for three consecutive months, you will feel a significant improvement in skin and health. With the detailed explanations, every family member has an in-depth understanding of the functions and health benefits of JM products.

AlphaMeta產品示範.jpgThen the contest started and the 9 participants took out the dishes cooked with AlphaMeta. Before tasting the dishes, the 9 chefs introduced the cooking process of every dish, letting the family members know that AlphaMeta can be mixed with a variety of ingredients to merge into different delicious dishes, which can be easily integrated into daily life. After our family members tasting the food of all the contestants, they voted for their "No. 1 AlphaMeta Cuisine". Before the event ended, the team leader took the chance to encourage all family members to continue to be aware of health and integrate JM products into their daily lives. The event ended successfully and out family members have benefited a lot.


得獎者.jpgFood is the most important element of 3H Lifestyle (Healthy-Happy-Harmony) and we need nutrients to support our body and boost health. We hope that more people will understand the important relationship between food and health and get access to 3H Lifestyle and JM products to create a better and healthier life!

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