On 28 October, the FDI team held a team training meeting was held by the FDI team of JMI Hong Kong Branch. In the meeting, the leader of the Hong Kong Philippine team first introduced himself in a lively and interesting way and then explained the developmentand promotion activities of JMI in detail. In addition, he also shared his own experience and success stories in his career path, which brought great confidence to the attendees, and members also expressed their passion for their future in JMI.


After that, another team leader introduced JM product Angels Secret, allowing members to experience the benefits of the product through product demonstration, thereby increasing their product awareness. Everyone praised the result of the demonstration with thumbs up.


In addition, in order to enhance members' awareness of AlphaSpin, a product demonstration of AlphaSpin was conducted to let members experience its health benefits. After the demonstration, the members became very interested in the products.


Finally, the great leader introduced the limited promotion again, encouraging everyone to achieve their career goals and pursue their dreams with strong determination. The response from the members was highly positive and enthusiastic and a group photo was taken before the end of the meeting. This meeting gave members a deeper understanding of the company's culture and vision, while they could also understand the efficacy of JM products. The meeting ended with thunderous applause and JMI will continue to bring health to everyone, allowing them to get access to 3H Lifestyle.

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