11thand 12thJune, Ms. Mei Lin, JMI Global Strategic Committee Member, paid a visit to Hong Kong Branch to organize a core leaders career seminar for MSA team.  Greeting all the participants in humorous and passionate way Ms.Mei Lin presented a detailed introduction about the history of JMI and new round of promotions, as well as her business experience and insight towards the healthcare industry, which brought huge confidence to the attending distributors who were willing to create a better and healthier life together with JMI. 


Later, Dr. Ferris, JMI Product Manager, gave MAS team a further and highlighted presentation about Alpha S, and allowed members to get a better understanding of it through test drinking. In order for members to experience the effects in a more direct way, a Body Index Meter imported from Japan was used to test their body status. Then, Dr. Ferris offered explicit interpretation to the readings of different members based on their physical conditions, which reinforced the importance of sub-health prevention and led to the introduction of JMI corporate culture, namely 3H Lifestyles - Healthy, Happy, Harmony. Afterwards, Dr. Ferris introduced the newly-invented product, AlphaVmax, which will be launched later this year. All attending members showed great interest in the new product and wanted to purchase before its official launch. 




The seminar went on in cheers and applause when Ms. Mei Lin offered the presentation and promotion of the new incentive trip, who called on everyone to try their best to achieve their sales goals and meet together in Barcelona to have a special trip.


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