20th, June, several leaders from XH Team and Miracle Team came to JMI Korea Branch to attend the leader training session organized by Ms. Mei Lin,JMI Strategic Committee Member and Korean grand leader.


Though being hugely busy, Ms.Mei Lin always manages to squeeze some time every month to fly to South Korea, where she will offer training to Korean teams and give guidance to team leaders on how to expand their network. Additionally, she will discuss with Korean Branch about the development plans for Korean market. 


During this training session, facing XH Team and Miracle Team,Ms. Mei Lin spared no efforts in emphasizing the huge development potential of JMI and the importance it holds to healthcare market. With a inspirational tone, she hoped that everyone would be grateful about what they already have, only in this way the best team can be established. Motivated by her touching words, all the participant expressed their willingness to keep fighting for bigger career success!