JMI’s business keeps growing and a series of events were therefore held in different places. A development seminar was held in Vanuatu at Golden Port Restaurant on 25th June 2018, where 120 local members attended.



Our Regional (Oceania) President Mr. Jason Huang first delivered a brief introduction of a new project. “This is the time!” He assured the attendees with determined eyes. “We can foresee a prosperous future and a blissful life.” Thunderous applause filled the air in the restaurant. He continued to explain how this project would hugely benefit the people in Vanuatu while every attendee was grinning pleasantly, showing that they look forward to a positive change through this new project.



Later in the presentation, Mr. Jason Huang further explained the details about the new project, which included a demonstration of the way to execute the project. Step by step, the members gradually understood the significance and advantage of the new project. The presentation ended with a long-lasting applause.


After the presentation, a reward was conferred to the local team leader who has reached the top sales of the year. The award receiver was so excited that he shared his experience in JMI in the past year passionately, encouraging the members by telling different inspiring stories. With the event coming to the end, there was a lucky draw session, which has led to another climax in the seminar.

8.jpgThe seminar was very successful to bring our members an unforgettable experience that the cheers and applause completely showed their passion and excitement for the seminar. We believe our new project will lead to a huge success!