15th Oct., BZZ HOLIDAY Launching Conference was held in Hong Kong. The lively event was full of enthusiasm, attracting over hundred people in attendance, with special guests: Global Strategic Committee Members, Dr. Teh Sor Hoon and Dr. Yong Woon San, and JM Global Sales Director, Mr. Deffrick Se To to celebrate the official launching of BZZ HOLIDAY in Hong Kong.

The event started with Mr. Deffrick Se To delivering detailed introduction of BZZ HOLIDAY to all the audience. As a recreation project of JMI, BZZ HOLIDAY featured with huge advantages. “We have an incredible team, excellent sales channels, powerful marketing tools and world-class support behind the operation of BZZ HOLIDAY. Join us now to make money while you travel.” Responding with lasting applause and cheers, all the audience held massive confidence about BZZ HOLIDA, and looked forward to starting the dream travel with JM!

The climax of the event came when Dr. Teh Sor Hoon and Dr. Yong Woon San gave speech, sharing with everyone about how to achieve success and encouraging them to catch the incredible opportunity offered by BZZ HOLIDAY to make a splendid career and life.

The event kicked off the official launch of BZZ HOLIDAY in Hong Kong. Start your trip that pays you to have fun. Be with BZZ HOLIDAY, JMI takes you to the places that you want to go!