JM Global Korea: One Way, One Dream

July 13th,over 500 market leaders gathered at the Sunshine hotel of Daejeon to witness the corporation of JM and Good Model International Korea, Good Model International Korea will start use JM logo and change name to JM Global Korea. This is the beginning of JM Global Korea and a new chapter to chasing greatness in the global market.

James Lee, General Manager of JM Global Korea officially announced the change of logo and company name. JM Global Business President Dr. Bruce Fang and Global Operating President Gary were both at the stage to give congratulation speeches.

Dr. Bruce Fang, as an experienced former medical doctor, introduced Imeta to all audiences. As one of the most important products in the Korean Market,Imeta has made tremendous success and make all our people proud for having such great product.

Later Dr.Cui Xizhen introduced our new beauty product Hozeen Daily Cleanser and President Kim give a detailed introduction on the advantage of JM as a company with vision and foresight.

James later announced the company’s marketing plan in the 2nd half of the year and the start of PIN awarding session, which gave everyone passion and enthusiasm. 

Ms. Mei, one of the few our international leader from China, gave a great speech to show the advantage of JM as a true international company.

PIN awarding is a recognition and glory for market elites who put their heart in developing teams. Leaders and their team members all enjoyed this glorious moment together. 

With this event, member from Korea will work together with our company to optimize our market development and focus on future, we believe with JM and our people, we are capable of making Korea direct-selling industry great again.


Over 500 audiences show at the event


JM Global Korea General Manager James Lee


JM President Global Operating Gary Ren


JM President Global Business Dr. Bruce Fang




Product Demo from Dr. Bruce Fang.





Group photo with elite leaders.


JM will make great sucess in Korea at 2016!