Papua New Guinea Branch Holds Christmas Party

The Christmas Party held by JM Papua New Guinea branch opens respectively at the Gateway Hotel and Grand Palace Restaurant on December 16th, 2015 with assistance from FDI Philippines team and Singapore team. The events are attended by JM Regional Vice President of Oceania Jason Huang, Dr, Yong, Judy Kono, Jacqueline Elliot Kurina, Ismael Leka, Dianne Rikis, Chee Meng, Caroline Lagot, Jane Gende and other distributor leaders. In the speech, Dr, Yong thanks JM for the long-time support to all family members and wishes the company a prosperous future. Jason Huang reviews the improvements JM has achieved in 2015 and looks forward to the future development. After the speech, Jason Huang, Dr. Yong have dinner with family members present and watch the dancing performance. Totally around 200 attendees are involved in the events.